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Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness Reviews


What Our Apple Valley Patients Say

At Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Thorough and Truly Care

I can’t say enough about this clinic. They are very thorough and truly care about you and your health. They are also very open and transparent about the entire process and let you know what to expect. A place like this makes it easy to understand how you get what you pay for! More than happy to invest in my health with Lifeway!

-Sam L.

Severe Neuropathy

I have been dealing with severe neuropathy for over ten years. I was taking gabapentin to help with the symptoms for 12 years. Before I met Dr. Hadler my balance was terrible I was very afraid of falling and I was even more worried about my ability to keep working. My feet hurt all the time and it was really hard to work an entire shift without feeling exhausted. I was always tired because I couldn’t sleep at night my feet would hurt, burn and tingle. For years I tried finding a cure or at least something that would make it feel better. I saw a post on Facebook and decided to make an appointment. I have been doing treatment for 5 months and I can honestly say that I am doing a lot better. I can finally sleep, I even fell asleep watching tv which never happened in the past. I am so happy that I can work a full shift and still have the energy to live life after work. Dr Hadler told me that if I was disciplined and did the treatment as she recommended I would see improvement and I have! I am no longer taking gabapentin and I am so excited about the future.

-Sandra K.

Enjoyable Experience

Thank you for your incredible care. My appointments have always been an enjoyable experience. Pain and numbness in my feet are greatly reduced. I highly recommend this organization’s treatment for peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

-Tim M.

A Depth Approach to Health

When it comes to my family’s health, I do not mess around. I am quite picky and have seen some of the best providers in the area. Dr. Pam is at the top of my list for whom we see on a regular basis. She has seen our entire family for almost 2 years and my youngest daughter since she was a few days old.

Whether it is cranial sacral, chiropractic care, stretching, recovery, pregnancy, infant/toddler care, supplement or general questions in between, she always answers thoroughly and more importantly, thoughtfully.

If you are looking for an in depth approach to your health, this is your place.

Dr. Pam has always answered our texts and questions (while she was off duty by the way) and is always there to help. I can’t tell you what it means when you have a sick baby and you’re able to call up a provider like Dr. Pam, and not only get a call back, but be able to get in multiple visits to help with their care. All parents know….this is so worth it.

She doesn’t throw a bandaid on your symptoms, instead she creates a plan for lasting change. She meets you where you are, but also gives you sound guidance for what is best for your long term health.

I recommend Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness and give it a 10/10.

-Kristin M

Help For My Infant Daughter

I’ve been taking my infant daughter to Dr. Pam for the last year for craniosacral therapy and it has made a whirl of difference! I first started taking her because she was an extremely tight and rigid baby who would arch her body and suffered from severe reflux.

Dr. Pam is extremely knowledgeable and every time she works on Millie, her body releases and I notice improvements in her feeding and overall demeanor. Dr. Pam gave me exercises to do at home to help with elongating her body, relieving gas and discomfort, and mouth exercises to improve her oral tone.

I’ve learned so much over the course of the last year about craniosacral therapy and the benefit it has on our bodies. I’m so thankful to have met Dr. Pam and for all her guidance ranging from referrals to supplements to just encouraging me on my breastfeeding journey and being a support in our corner. She is a very kind person who is easy to work with and has extensive knowledge in health and wellness, especially when it comes to chiropractic and craniosacral therapy care.

-Laura F

Help for Me and My Baby

I began seeing Dr. Pam while I was still in High School. I have 1 leg that is longer than the other which has caused knee and hip issues for me and I can instantly feel the difference in my alignment after my adjustments. I have continued to see her on a weekly schedule and can always tell when I miss a week.

I began bringing my son to see Dr. Pam just a few days after he was born. He was born Breech and with Bilateral Clubbed feet. He used to curl up and tuck his feet in, after a few adjustments he is comfortable stretched out with long limbs and unclenched fists. The gentle adjustments she does have made a world of difference and has kept him very “regular”

-Aubrie K.

Dr. Pam Keeps Me Dancing

I have been a patient of Dr. Pam for more years than I can remember. I started seeing her for recurring, chronic injury. Once I was back in good shape Dr. Pam told me about ongoing preventive chiropractic care to keep me aligned and prevent future injury.

As a dance studio owner and instructor it just made sense! I was seeing my medical doctor and dentist regularly, why wouldn’t I take care of my spine and ensure that I was able to continue my livelihood?

Being able to dance and move freely has kept me active and teaching to this day. I am still teaching my very busy pre-school age classes with no problems.

Once I started regular care for myself I brought both of my daughters to Dr. Pam. They still see her to this day and Dr. Pam is now treating my infant grandson weekly!

-Dana R.


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