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New Patients at Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness

At Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness, we treat you like one of the family. You’ll receive a smile and a warm welcome when you walk through the door. A children’s play area makes this a family-friendly safe space.

Please bring your completed forms when you come for your visit – or arrive 10 minutes early to complete them – along with an ID and insurance card.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

On Your First Visit

When you come to our office for the first time, our staff will make sure all paperwork is complete before taking you to an examination room. Once there, your doctor will introduce herself and ask you to describe what’s going on. Dr. Pam may have additional questions to get a full picture of the problem, and will also take a full medical history.

Next, you’ll receive an in-depth physical exam with chiropractic tests. If necessary, you’ll be referred out for X-rays. Unless otherwise indicated, you’ll receive treatment today, and be scheduled for your next appointment. Please allow an hour for this visit.

On Your Next Visit

This visit is for the report of findings and your doctor’s recommendations. We will go over your test results, give the report of findings, discuss what we found, what needs to be done, and how we can correct the problem. We’ll also review your customized care plan with you, and make recommendations.

Your health is always your decision. If you decide to continue, you’ll receive an adjustment today.


Our staff will do an insurance verification as soon as they have your information. Once a response is received, we go over the coverage with you and advise of any out-of-pocket costs. We also accept insurance.

We’re in network with most major insurance providers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Credit cards, HSA and flexible spending plans are accepted. We also offer family plans and wellness plans. Cost should never prevent you from getting the care you need. Speak to a friendly staff member today.

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