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How It Works

laser therapy on patients backCold laser works by emitting low-level light that penetrates deep into the tissue. The energy stimulates blood flow to the injured area, and carries with it healing nutrients and oxygen to facilitate healing and reduce pain and inflammation. Cold laser therapy doesn’t heat the tissues at all, and you won’t feel anything while receiving this therapy.

Because laser therapy promotes healing at a deep cellular level, it can be very effective for acute injuries including fractures, tears, sprains and strains. It also helps with chronic pain conditions.

Success Stories

Dr. Pam had cold laser therapy herself and got great results, which is why she decided to offer this powerful healing tool in our practice. Our patients love it as an adjunct to their chiropractic care.

We have a patient who had chronic, ongoing pain and inflammation in the joints of his right hand. Since he is right hand dominant, the pain was impacting his life on a daily basis. We started him on cold laser therapy and it completely resolved the pain and inflammation within a few sessions.

Another patient, a dancer, had intense Achilles tendonitis, which made it impossible for her to dance. Dr. Pam used the laser on her, and she was able to dance the next day.

Our Approach to Care

Whether you have an acute injury or a chronic condition, Our doctors will talk to you about your situation and your goals. Then they will do a thorough examination and let you know what’s causing your pain or dysfunction and what we can do to help. If cold laser is an appropriate therapy for you, we will incorporate that into your care plan. We also offer cold laser as a stand-alone therapy.

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