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Our Mission

We understand people come in with problems or complaints. We’ll get to the cause of the issue, reduce the pain, and help you feel better. Our goal now is to help you get healthier by making long-lasting changes, and promoting wellness for life.

A Pause in the Action

Practicing since January 1998, Dr. Pam Hadler sold her practice in 2012 to stay home with her children. While she still saw patients from her home, she did not return to full-time practice until 2020.

Taking a Natural Approach to Improving Health

We’re a whole health wellness center. Whatever might be wrong with you, come in and let’s see if we can help you naturally and holistically. It doesn’t matter what it is, we’ll do our best to help you.

Chiropractic adjustments have proven safe and effective for everyone, from newborn to seniors. Following your customized treatment plan will unlock your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Try our non-invasive, conservative approach to better health. A significant number of complaints, issues and problems can be handled with chiropractic care. Above all, know that we’ll care for you like you’re a member of the family.

Kids Are People Too!

Dr. Pam has a heart for children. A mom of three herself, she has cared for thousands of kids, and seen families changed for the better through chiropractic. Dr. Pam has helped kids that were sick all the time, not sleeping, or struggling in school. It’s rewarding to hear parents express that they’re so glad they didn’t have to put their child in a helmet because we were able to get their head taken care of.

Let Us Help You

Discover how chiropractic can make a difference for your family.


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