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Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy (EMTT) in Apple Valley

patient undergoes ETTAre you tired of putting up with joint pain,  back pain or discomfort from a sports injury? If you’re looking for a non-invasive and highly effective way to address your pain, we offer that at Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness with Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy (EMTT).

This safe, cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment has been proven to effectively manage pain and promote healing in patients suffering from various conditions, including joint pain, inflammation, acute injuries, osteoarthritis, and chronic pain.

How Does It Work?

The FDA-cleared EMTT uses high-energy magnetic pulses directed over the affected area of the body to stimulate healing at a cellular level. The therapy opens up the cells, allowing for faster healing, reduced inflammation, and decreased pain. Each session typically lasts about 15-20 minutes, during which patients may feel a slight tingling or achiness, but the treatment is generally pain-free and requires no aftercare instructions.

Customized Treatment Plans

At our practice, we understand that each patient’s needs are unique. That’s why we create personalized treatment plans based on your specific condition, how long you’ve had your symptoms, and your response to the therapy. Typically, patients undergo a series of treatments, often a couple of times a week, to achieve the best possible results.

What Are Some Advantages of EMTT?

Compared to other treatments like physical therapy, medications, or surgery, this therapy offers several advantages:

  • Non-invasive and regenerative
  • Targeted treatment of specific areas
  • No need for direct skin contact
  • Comfortable, with minimal side effects
  • No aftercare instructions

Who Are Ideal Candidates?

EMTT is appropriate for anyone experiencing inflammatory issues, joint pain, chronic or acute injuries, sports injuries, or osteoarthritis-related pain. Before beginning treatment, patients undergo an examination to ensure they are good candidates for the therapy. Certain conditions, such as having an implantable device like a pacemaker, may preclude individuals from receiving EMTT.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the effects of EMTT last?

It varies depending on the individual and their condition. In some cases, the benefits can last forever, while in others, particularly those with more severe issues or degeneration, the effects may last around three months before additional maintenance sessions are required.

Can this therapy be combined with other treatments?

Yes, EMTT works well in conjunction with other therapies, such as shockwave. Clinical studies have shown that combining these treatments can significantly improve healing.

Are there any risks when combining this therapy with other treatments?


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