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Meet Arturo, Massage Therapist

Arturo massage therapistWorking in the field of massage therapy since 1998, Arturo is passionate about helping others. Before moving north to join the Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness team, he ran his own practice in Texas for about 15 years and steadily expanded to an 8-person team.

Arturo’s experience also includes working at a tennis club where he met renowned sports personalities like John McEnroe and provided massage to players for the Houston Astros and San Diego Padres. These experiences broadened his perspective and skill sets, further solidifying his standing in the industry.

An Unexpected Journey to Healing

Arturo’s passion for massage therapy was sparked unexpectedly. After the cosmetology school he planned to attend closed, he took a new path. Guided by a doctor’s advice to help his two asthmatic sons through massage, Arturo discovered his real calling. This experience fueled a passion that has since led to many being relieved of their physical discomforts and stress through his skilled hands.

Teaching and Therapeutic Practices

In addition to being a seasoned therapist, Arturo is also a dedicated teacher of massage therapy. His love for teaching stems from a deep passion for helping people. Arturo’s therapeutic approach goes beyond the physical, incorporating Reiki and meditation practices into his sessions for a holistic healing experience.

Finding Calm and Fulfillment

When he’s not at the practice, Arturo enjoys fishing and other calming pursuits that keep him grounded. He finds the ultimate satisfaction in helping his clients feel better and in hearing their appreciative feedback. What’s particularly rewarding for him is when some of his clients recount how his treatments helped them avoid planned surgeries.

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