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Patients Who Found Natural Relief for Their Aching Backs

woman with low back pain

Nagging low back pain is one of the most common ailments that sideline people from their daily activities.

Such pain can be from anything and everything, from a long car ride to a pulled muscle to having a sedentary job.

Every day Dr. Pam sees patients suffering from low back pain. Here are two patients who experienced relief due to our natural care.

Patient #1

As a welder, this patient has a very physical job. The man had already been to his medical doctor, had X-ray, scans, but had no disc issues or arthritis. Still, he couldn’t understand why his back hurt so badly.

Dr. Pam started providing decompression to the patient, in addition to chiropractic care. The combination of care relieved his pain and discomfort. He did have some leg pain too, but it was more due to muscle involvement, and that completely went away.

Because of his physically demanding job, the patient is coming in weekly to continue to make whatever corrections Dr. Pam can make. Then she will guide him into wellness care after that.

Patient #2

This patient is a woman in her early 50s. She has had a history of health issues, but what brought her into the practice was spasms in her low back. She’s a daycare provider, and her pain was so severe that she had to have all her families call in sick because she couldn’t lift any of the children.

The patient came into the practice barely able to move. We knew she had no herniation. After Dr. Pam adjusted the patient, she was put in the decompression, which gave the patient tremendous relief. Dr. Pam recommended the woman come in three times a week, but due to her schedule, she could just come in once a week.

The woman experienced such great relief that she is back to not only working her regular hours, but also taking her kayak out on the lakes in the area!

Meeting Patients Where They Are

Dr. Pam will never tell a patient that if they don’t follow her care plan, they can’t come here. “However, to get optimal results from the shortest amount of time, it’s important to follow our recommendations.”

If you’re suffering from low back pain, we want to help you get the relief you need. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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