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Meet Michelle Roy, Chiropractic Assistant

 Michelle RoyMichelle joined the team at Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness in June 2023, she has been a key player, overseeing a variety of therapies and ensuring the smooth operation of the office.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Michelle met Jim and moved to Minnesota in 1987, where she found her calling in the chiropractic field. The two have recently celebrated 36 years of marriage.

Professional Journey and Expertise

Michelle has over 26 years of experience in chiropractic care. Her experience is extensive and diverse, covering all facets, from front desk operations to billing and direct patient care. She excels in administering various therapies, including cold laser and shockwave treatments. Her expertise is in the therapies she administers and the deep connections she forms with her patients, aiding significantly in their recovery journeys.

A Passion for Patient Care

The most rewarding aspect of Michelle’s role is witnessing her patients’ health improvements. Whether it’s restoring sensation in a patient’s feet or improving mobility, she finds it deeply fulfilling to see her patients thrive and get back to what they love.

Friendly and compassionate, Michelle also enjoys engaging with patients, whether finding out how their day is going or what they plan to do the rest of the week. She genuinely cares about every patient who walks through our doors and what’s important to them.

Life Beyond the Office

Outside of her professional life, Michelle is deeply rooted in her family, enjoying moments with her two sons, Joe and Matt (who live close by), her daughter-n-laws, and her grandson. She also loves spending time with Jim. She enjoys being outdoors, whether spending time gardening or hanging out with her two dogs.

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