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How One Man's Disc Degeneration Healed Naturally

casual man with back painDegenerative disc disease is when the discs of your spine deteriorate and cause pain. At Lifeway Chiropractic and Wellness, we often help patients find relief and healing with our drug-free approaches.

A Case Study

One of our patients is an older gentleman who was struggling and ended up having surgery a year and a half ago. He continued to have back pain afterward. After it was thought the culprit was his knee, the patient had knee surgery, followed by a knee replacement. However, the patient still had leg pain. He came in to see Dr. Pam, following approximately 18 months of pain and limited activities.

Our Multi-Pronged Approach

Dr. Pam provided the following to the patient: chiropractic care, decompression, and cold laser therapy (to address his radicular leg pain). Due to receiving treatment, his symptoms have completely resolved. He can meet with his friends, get outside, and do simple activities of daily living, such as getting the mail. Previously, the man was unable to do even that, and when we went outside, he’d have to take a walker with him.

Within four weeks of receiving care at our practice, the man was walking cane-free. For Dr. Pam, it’s rewarding to see how the care our practice has given him has dramatically changed his life.

The Value of Wellness Care

If you’ve found relief from your pain like this patient, you may wonder if you should continue to come in for regular care. “It depends on the person. I am always going to be a proponent of wellness care. We got you feeling better; we took care of the problem, and now we want to keep you that way,” said Dr. Pam.

“My best analogy that I like to remind people is, maybe you started working out at the gym because you wanted to get in shape and lose some weight, which is fantastic. So you’re working out four to six times a week. Once you reach your goals, you don’t stop going to the gym, but maybe you’re not going five or six times a week. Maybe you’re going just a few times a week instead,” said Dr. Pam.

She wants people to know that you can scale back your chiropractic visits, and still stay in optimal condition. Give our practice a call to schedule an appointment.

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